Contracts Law Maryland Washington D.C. Choice of Law and Forum Selection Clauses - Contracts that Specify Governing Law and Court in the Event of a legal Dispute
Governing Law and Jurisdiction Parties entering into a contract should consider: (1) what law will govern the interpretation of the contract; and (2) what jurisdiction’s courts will have the right to hear a contractual dispute. The answer to both of these questions can be extremely important in terms of outcome, […]

Choice of Law and Forum Selection Clauses – Contracts that ...

Maryland Business Lawyers using adverse domination theory to defeat statute of limitations defenses to Maryland Business Law Claims and Corporate Legal Claims
  Adverse Domination and Accrual of Business Law Claims Tolling Statute of Limitations on Corporate Legal Claims when Wrongdoer Dominates Corporation By Maryland Business Lawyer, Nicholas D. Cowie This article provides an introduction to the Maryland doctrine of adverse domination, a legal theory that, in some cases, can effectively “resurrect” […]

Adverse Domination Theory in Maryland: Used to Defeat Statute of ...

Maryland lawyers and Attorneys enforcing Non-solicitation, Non-disclosure, Confidentiality and Non-competition Agreements to protect businesses in Maryland from unfair competion
Introduction- Contractual Provisions that Protect Businesses from Unfair Competition Protecting Businesses from Unfair Competition in Maryland: Companies transacting business must often disclose confidential or proprietary business information developed through hard work and monetary investment. For example, client contact lists, business plans, supplier information, marketing strategies, business opportunities, employee identities and skills, manufacturing […]

Non-solicitation, Non-disclosure and Non-competition Agreements — Protecting Businesses from ...

Business Technology and Intellectual Property Lawyers in Maryland preparing licensing Agreements to protect technology, inventions and intellectual property
Maryland Technology & Intellectual Property Law By Maryland Business Lawyer, Nicholas D. Cowie Licensing agreements are legally binding contracts utilized by businesses (“licensors”) to protect their inventions and ideas while sharing them with others (licensees) for profit. Maryland Business Lawyers and Attorneys create licensing agreements for their clients who then […]

Licensing Agreements – Enabling Businesses to Profit from and Protect ...

Personal Liability of Corporate Officers and LLC Members in Maryland
Many business owners believe they immunize themselves from personal liability by operating their business through a legal entity, such as a limited liability company (“LLC”) or corporation. A legal entity can provide a shield against personal liability. However, there are exceptions where corporate officers and directors of a corporation or LLC […]

Personal Liability of LLC Members and Corporate Officers in Maryland

Maryland Intellectual Property Lawyers protecting Intellectual Property Rights
Maryland Intellectual Property Rights Attorneys @ Cowie & Mott, P.A. Maryland intellectual property attorneys are often called upon to resolve disputes involving the use or misuse of intellectual property, patented technology, trade secrets, trademarks, brand names and other proprietary business information, products and services. These disputes can arise as a result of misappropriation by […]

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Secrets and Proprietary Business Information